How We Work

Core solutions programming principles

ReDSS support on solutions programming is guided by the following core principles:

    •  Support for national, regional and local authorities as they have the primary responsibility and play a key leadership and coordinating role in achieving durable solutions
    • Placing displacement-affected communities at the centre to make solutions lasting, locally relevant and supportive of social cohesion
    • Adopting an area-based approach to inform limited absorption capacity, limited access to basic services, prevailing protection concerns and access issues
    • Collective action rather than mandate driven since facilitation of the durable solutions processes must be viewed as a collective action based on an inclusive, participatory and consensus building approach
    • Involvement of development actors from the start to inform medium to long term sectorial priorities complementing humanitarian interventions
    • Integrated approaches take time and in order to facilitate integrated working, donors should have longer inception phases of solutions programmes
    • Participatory approaches are critical to ensure there is no discrimination between different population (host communities, IDPs, returnees) and which continue beyond the life of the programme.

Download ReDSS full brief on core elements to inform solutions programming here