ReDSS Solutions Framework

A critical aspect of ReDSS research and knowledge management pillar is the Solutions Framework to support joint accountability and analysis to monitor progress and challenges. ReDSS has operationalized the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Framework for Durable Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons to develop the ReDSS Solutions framework, using 28 outcome indicators organized around physical, material and legal safety to measure durable solutions achievements in a particular context.

To tailor programming and policies according to a common logical framework and analysis around solutions; ReDSS Solutions analysis requires a collaborative process and active involvement and consultations with representatives from government at both national and local level, humanitarian and development actors and displacement affected communities. The participatory process through engaging with partners and building consensus, is key to ensuring its relevance and appropriateness.

Download ReDSS solutions framework explanatory note and other useful background documents below:

Refer to the Solutions Framework tools page for more information on the programming guide and manual; and the Solutions templates page to download the templates to conduct comprehensive solutions analysis and inform solutions oriented programmes. 

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