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Unprepared for (re)integration: Lessons learned from Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria on refugee returns to urban areas

Re-Integration | May 2019 | Samuel Hall | Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria | Research report

This research was designed to support the thinking and planning around (re-)integration by identifying obstacles to preparedness of stakeholders for return and (re-)integration in refugee return settings.

Knowledge Matters: Durable Solutions in Somalia

Lessons learnt on DS approaches in Somalia | May 2020 | Concern Worldwide | Somalia | Journal/Article compilation

Journal compiles lessons learnt across different durable solutions programmes

Somalia Urbanization Review : Fostering Cities as Anchors of Development 

Urbanization policy | January 2021 | World Bank | Somalia | Research report

The report draws on both technical and political economy analyses to provide a better understanding of a broader range of urban issues in Somalia, and craft recommendations that are better tailored to the local contexts.

Informing Durable Solutions for Internal Displacement in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan : Overview

Measuring DS for IDPs | April 2019 | World Bank | Somalia, Nigeria, South Sudan and Sudan | Research report

Report evaluates durable solutions outcomes at the individual and household level.

Impact of Refugees on Hosting Communities in Ethiopia: A Social Analysis

Refugee Economies | May 2020 | World Bank | Ethiopia | Research report

The report analyzes the economic and social impact of displacement, touching on access to services and developmental services

Building Refugee Economies: An evaluation of the IKEA Foundation’s programmes in Dollo Ado

Refugee economies | May 2020 | Refugee Studies center | Ethiopia | Evaluation

The evaluation assesses the contribution of IKEA foundation to the socio-economic environment in Dollo Ado camps

Refugee Education Strategy-Towards Inclusion

Refugee education | October 2020 | UNHCR | Ethiopia | Strategy

This five year UNHCR Ethiopia education strategy detailes the priorities and way of addrssing them. It also articulates the calatytic and supporting role of UNHCR in pursuing the GCR.

Refugee and host communities in Ethiopia 2018–2019 integrated national study

Policy and operational context | August 2020 | ODI | Ethiopia | Research reports and Studies

The report is a culmination of five separate regional studies, which analyze the policy and operational context in which the Ethiopian Refugee reform operation is taking place.

Assessment of employment intensive investment strategies in refugee-hosting communities in Ethiopia

Refugee Economies | August 2020 | ILO | Ethiopia | Assessment report

The report identifies short and medium term interventions so as to create job and asset for refugees and host communities through public investment.

Kebribeyah Settlement Profile, Somali Region, Ethiopia

Refugee Settlement | July 2020 | UNHHCR and UNHABITAT | Ethiopia | Site profile

The profile provides detail of the context of the longest refugee settlement in Somali region, both at macro and meso levels. It also provides the framework for spatially and strategically analyzing the context from development perspective