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Measuring the Costs of Internal Displacement: Eswatini, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia

Internal Displacement | January 2020 | IDMC | Regional | Research Reports and Studies

This report presents estimates of the economic impacts of internal displacement on displaced people and host communities in Eswatini, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. These estimates are based on the first standard survey developed to measure the financial consequences of internal displacement on livelihoods, housing, health, education and security.

Impact of Refugees on Hosting Communities in Ethiopia: A Social Analysis

Political economy and discourse on displacement and solutions | July 2020 | World Bank | Ethiopia | Research Reports and Studies

Ethiopia is in the process of making far-reaching changes to its refugee policies. In 2016, it made nine pledges at the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees held in New York aimed at helping refugees gain greater mobility; improving access to services, especially education; expanding access to livelihoods, jobs, and irrigable land; and facilitating the local integration of long-term refugees. In February 2019, the Ethiopian parliament adopted a new refugee proclamation to facilitate the implementation of its pledges. Secondary legislation that will give effect to the proclamation is under preparation. This report, commissioned during this changing policy context, examines the social impacts of protracted displacement on the lives of refugees and host communities.

Ethiopia Refugee Proclamation 2019

Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) | April 2019 | Government of Ethiopia | Ethiopia | Policy document

Ethiopia has revised its 2004 Refugee Proclamation, granting more rights to refugees. The revised proclamation was passed by the House of Peoples Representatives of the Government of Ethiopia in February 2019, and is in line with commitments made by Ethiopia at the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees held in New York in 2016.

Ethiopia CRRF Road Map

Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) | March 2018 | ARRA/UNHCR | Ethiopia | Policy document

Ethiopia is one of the few CRRF roll out countries in the world and the CRRF Road-map guides the implementation of framework which serves as a vehicle for the realization of the Government’s nine policy commitments meant to improve the protection of refugees.

Building Refugee Economies: An evaluation of the IKEA Foundation’s programme in Dollo Ado

Refugee Economies | May 2020 | Refugee Studies Centre | Ethiopia | Research Reports and Studies

The Refugee Economies Programme at Oxford conducted an evaluation of the IKEA Foundation’s multi-year investment to understand how the funding has impacted refugee and host communities in this borderland area. The evaluation also explores the influence of IKEA Foundation’s programmes on broader institutional and policy changes, considering the ways that stakeholders have adapted to better support sustainable livelihoods in remote, less-developed, refugee-hosting regions. Findings inform a broad set of conclusions and recommendations for stakeholders that are undertaking similar development-oriented programming in challenging humanitarian contexts worldwide.

The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework: Progress in Ethiopia

Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) | September 2019 | Overseas Development Institute | Ethiopia | Research Reports and Studies

This report is one of four case studies assessing progress made under the four objective areas of the CRRF. It examines progress made related to the Ethiopian governments Nine Pledges, and suggests possible entry points for donors and others advocates of the CRRF approach to support refugee inclusion in Ethiopia.

Refugee Economies in Addis Ababa: Towards Sustainable Opportunities for Urban Communities

Refugee Economies | October 2019 | Refugee Studies Centre | Ethiopia | Research Reports and Studies

This report examines the precarious economic lives of refugee communities in Addis Ababa and their interactions with the host community. It draws upon data to consider the prospects for a sustainable urban response in the context of Ethiopia’s adoption of the new Refugee Proclamation in 2019, which appears to provide refugees with the right to work and freedom of movement.

Refugee Economies in Dollo Ado: Development Opportunities in a Border Region of Ethiopia

Refugee Economies | October 2019 | Refugee Studies Centre | Ethiopia | Research Reports and Studies

This report examines the economic strategies of Somali refugees in the cross-border economy of Ethiopia’s Somali region. The camps and host community have benefited significantly from the IKEA Foundation’s €75m investment in the camps over a seven-year period. This globally unprecedented level of private sector investment has created a range of new opportunities in education, entrepreneurship, energy, agriculture, the environment, and livelihoods.

Ethiopia’s Refugee Policy Overhaul: Implications on the Out of Camp Regime and Rights to Residence, Movement and Engagement in Gainful Employment

Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) | June 2019 | Journal of Ethiopian Human Rights Law | Ethiopia | Research Reports and Studies

This study scrutinizes key features of international and national legal frameworks that are pertinent in the context of the rights of refugees in Ethiopia, new changes in policy and regulatory approaches, and the projected effect of the application of such approaches.

Ethiopia Refugee Displacement Development Digest

Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) | December 2019 | UNHCR Ethiopia | Ethiopia | Funding, strategy document

This document serves as a compilation of GCR/CRRF-related Development Partner Projects and Programmes in Ethiopia. It provides an overview of the scope, location, donors, sectors, and partners implementing these projects across the country.