Programme Support

ReDSS is the leading knowledge management and capacity development partner within new four-year multi sectoral multi actors’ durable solutions consortia in Somalia funded by the the European Union, UK Department for International Development (UK DFID) and Danida.

The different consortia are supporting a common vision through joint learning and collective outcomes. ReDSS will ensure cross programme learning to facilitate a collaborative approach to lessons learnt and promote an open culture of learning across durable solutions initiatives inclusive of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), Federal Member States (FMS), district and local authorities, UN entities, NGOs and displacement affected communities themselves enabling us to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

European Union funded REINTEG programme 

The EU RE-INTEG Programme (Enhancing Somalia’s responsiveness to the management and reintegration of mixed migration flows) is funded by the European Union and seeks to support sustainable re-integration of refugee returnees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Somalia. The programme also seeks to enhance the capacities of the Somalia government and local authorities to assume their primary responsibility for facilitating durable solutions through an increased accessibility to basic services and creation of livelihoods.

Danida funded Durable Solutions Programme

The Durable Solutions Programme (DSP) is a three-year programme funded by Danida. This programme seeks to facilitate successful (re)integration of displacement-affected communities in Somalia by ensuring physical, material and legal safety is achieved through a combination of protection, livelihoods and basic needs programming coupled with an emphasis on governance, social accountability and a strong knowledge management and learning component.

DFID funded Danwadaag programme

The Enhancing Conditions for Durable Solutions for IDPs and Returning Refugees in Somalia programme in Benadir, South West State, and Jubaland will link with existing Durable Solutions (DS) actions across the country to contribute to Somalia’s National Development Plan (NDP) and DFID’s high-level DS objectives. These include the overall objective of contributing to sustainable reintegration of returning refugees and IDPs in Somalia and the specific objective of ensuring target Displacement Affected Communities (DACS) live in Safety and Dignity without discrimination in Benadir, Lower Juba and Bay.